What is library practice class?

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Dewey Decimal System:
Shelf Order and the Dewey Decimal System
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Alexandria Researcher Activity

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It’s easy to get an “A” in the library practice class if you:
1. Arrive on time
2. Greet us when you arrive
3. Say “goodbye” when you leave
4. Have no unexcused absences
5. Are pleasant and courteous
6. Are helpful to all library users
7. Assist all library users promptly
8. Listen carefully to directions
9. Ask questions when needed
10. Complete tasks quickly and accurately
11. Demonstrate genuine effort
12. Follow all circulation policies and library rules
13. Maintain assigned section without prompting
14. Work quietly and limit socializing
15. Finish all tasks and check with us before doing other activities
16. Take action to correct mistakes and address concerns